Cesar Chavez Day

Cesar Chavez (Holiday) 

Create Awareness: Who was Cesar Chavez?  Please use various forms of information to develop awareness.Feel free to use the attached resources: Cesar Chavez (Linked)

Videos located at

Cesar Chavez-A Person Who Made a Difference 

(Please show to all grade levels)

Harvesting Hope - Animated book on video – Appropriate for Elementary

Chicano! PBS Documentary The Struggle in the Fields - PBS Documentary – Appropriate for Middle and High School

Question of the DayHow did Cesar Chavez believe people could best solve their problems? What actions did he believe showed courage and strength?Homework Option Quick Write: How can you use what you learned about Cesar Chavez to help you solve problems in your own life.
Create:  A “Make a Difference Wall”. Designate a visible space for a bordered butcher paper “Make a Difference Wall”  Students will write their plans for serving others on the 31st  on Post It notes and attach them to the wall. Other pictures and artifacts can also be attached to the wall.
Question of the Day: What did Cesar Chavez believe about service to others?Activity: Have students complete a Double Bubble Thinking Map comparing and contrasting Cesar Chavez with Martin Luther King
Question of the Day: What is Civic Responsibility? How can you make a difference in your community?
Activity: Please have students identify a small project that they can do to serve others or our community. I will forward you resources from the city of Lynwood when I receive them.
Planning a Day of Service: Please discuss how acts of community service and civic responsibility can change the world. Please have students write their plans for serving others on the 31st on Post It notes and attach them to the “Making a Difference” wall.