First Day of Class - August 21st @ 845:AM

Be Ready:
Arguably the most important thing you can do in preparing for your first day is making sure you have all of the equipment you need. The types of materials you'll 
 need will vary from class to class. A lot of elementary schools will have
  some sort of online webpage that will post the recommended materials you should bring. Print off a copy for each list of materials and take them to an office supplies store. Certain things, like pens and paper, will be used for virtually all classes, so you can buy a single stack for use throughout your school year. Here are some things you'll almost certainly need for your first day:
  • A backpack with comfortable shoulder straps.
  • A sturdy binder, filled with ruled paper.
  • Pens (red and black) and #2 pencils.
  • Spiral-bound notebooks; one for each class you're enrolled in.
  • A calculator and graphed paper, if you're doing Mathematics.
  • A dictionary.
  • A small vial of hand sanitizer.