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OuBear Buck Program highlights students who receive a "Bear Buck" from a staff member for a variety of reasons.  Mainly our students have been receiving "Bear Bucks" because of outstanding actions that a staff member has seen students do.  The outstanding actions can range from following classroom/school rules to completing assignments on time to perfect attendance.  All of our students have an opportunity to receive a "Bear Buck" as an incentive. Recently, Mr. Rodas, our school principal, has rewarded selected students with a "treat" to enjoy with her.

Every week a drawing is done and announced with at least one student as a recipient from each classroom.  This exciting incentive program has created a lot of excitement with all of the students who await for his or her names to be called in the afternoon by  Mr. Rodas & Mrs. Soto. We are so proud of all of our student winners.  It is everyday that we acknowledge our students for a job well-done.  We look forward to rewarding each and every child as the year continues.


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