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Our Bear Buck Program highlights students who receive a "Bear Buck" from a staff member for a variety of reasons.  Mainly our students have been receiving "Bear Bucks" because of outstanding actions that a staff member has seen students do.  The outstanding actions can range from following classroom/school rules to completing assignments on time to perfect attendance.  All of our students have an opportunity to receive a "Bear Buck" as an incentive.  Recently, Mr. Rodas, our administration, has rewarded selected students with a "treat" to enjoy with them.

Every week a drawing is done and announced with at least one student as a recipient from each classroom.  This exciting incentive program has created a lot of excitement with all of the students who await for his or her names to be called in the afternoon by Mr. Rodas.  We are so proud of all of our student winners.  It is everyday that we acknowledge our students for a job well-done.  We look forward to rewarding each and every child as the year continues.


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